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Blog Disclaimer & Guidelines

DISCLAIMER: The information shared on this blog is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. The information on either the Eat Well; Live Longer Blog and Facebook page or any affiliated sites should NOT be used to Diagnose and/or Treat any health problems. **Please Consult your Physician** with any Questions or Concerns you may have regarding any and all ailments or condition that you or your loved ones may be experiencing.

BLOG CODE of CONDUCT: Your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated and encouraged. Please feel free to share experiences, tips and suggestions based on supported information; while maintaining a level of decorum appropriate to the subject matter, for positive and friendly interaction with all followers on this blog. Please keep comments relevant and respectful. Irrelevant, inappropriate or offensive comments will be deleted. We will moderate comments using these guidelines.

BANNED from this Blog:
(All who commit the following will be banned!)

* Profanity
* Spam
* Personal attracts and Threats
* Criticism of decision on diet choices and lifestyle
* Sexually explicit or discriminatory material

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